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Warehousing + Distribution




Create your custom ecosystem

For the many moving pieces

The warehousing and distribution industry is a complex system of storing, handling and dispatching goods that often experiences redundant and inefficient handling of products. Constantly moving pallets of inventory, time spent searching for lost assets, and the reliance on manual processes creates unnecessary loss and waste across the industry.

Reduce time wasted

With velavu, gone are the hours wasted each week searching through large rafters for the right pallets of inventory, or pacing around large warehouses and facilities seeking necessary tools or equipment. Instead, find what you need when you need it with Velavu's real-time tracking accessible on your mobile device or desktop.

Prevent irreversible damage

Many storage facilities, warehouses and the dedicated professionals that move and monitor inventory and assets have to worry about environmental conditions impacting goods or equipment. Velavu offers smart sensors and custom automated alerts to prevent damage before it happens, sending key personnel notifications in the event of rising temperatures, orientation changes, humidity fluctuations —regardless if goods are inside a facility, waiting at a loading bay, or traveling to their next destination.

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