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Natural Resources



Oil + Gas

Create your custom ecosystem

Risk reduction

Whether your operation is amongst cows, crops, forests or deep in a mine, staying connected and managing operations — including remotely — allows businesses to reduce their risk exposure. Respond proactively to set alerts, intervene in a timely manner to any incidents, and ensure continuity with effective processes and practices through asset management.

Minimize downtime

Track more than location with our dashboard. You can schedule maintenance alerts, collect sensor data — such as temperature— and ultimately reduce machinery and equipment downtime with automatic reminders and sensor alerts, such as an overworked machine running too hot.

Trace and create best practices

Monitoring and analysing field activities, both in real-time and through Velavu's historical data and record management capabilities, enables decision makers to streamline production. Create work zones or microclimates for in-depth traceability on production practices used based on conditions like temperature, crop rotation, drilling fluids used, extraction methods and so forth.

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