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Asset tag

Providing precise locations of assets within an indoor or localised area, Arda is an impressively small tracking device that also acts as an environmental sensor. Ruggedized and waterproof, Arda will adhere to virtually any surface and track any of your assets.

Technical specifications

Connectivity:  Wirepas Mesh, BLE Beacon, NFC
Sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Accelerometer
Mounting:  3M VHB Adhesive or Zip-tie loop

Power: 1 year battery life, non-replaceable coin-cell
Enclosure: Polycarbonate, IP67 waterproof
Dimensions & Weight: 25 x 33 x 9 mm,  10g

Small but mighty

Measuring approximately the size of a quarter, Arda is a pint-sized powerhouse serving as not only as an asset tracking device, but can be customized to include temperature, humidity, motion, and/or impact sensors, as well as a locating buzzer.

Vehicle inventory

Within a mesh network, the arda asset tag's position is triangulated by measuring the radio signal strength of nearby pavo anchor devices, resulting in high-accuracy location tracking. But even on the go, Arda can be assigned directly with a Vesta GPS tag for valuable functions like monitoring vehicle inventory, and alerting users if inventory or assets are left behind.

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