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Mesh anchor

To enable the precise positioning of people or assets within a mesh network, install Pavo anchors to fixed locations to create your trackable area. Whether it's inside a facility or on an outdoor worksite, pavos are waterproof and built to withstand the elements.

Technical specifications

Connectivity:  Wirepas Mesh, BLE Beacon, NFC
Sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Accelerometer
Mounting:  3M VHB Adhesive

Power: 5 year battery life, user-replaceable coin-cell
Enclosure: Polycarbonate, IP67 waterproof
Dimensions & Weight: 36 x 70 x 17 mm,  35g

Grid of Pavos

Pavo anchors serve a central role in creating geofences, virtual perimeters within a real-world geographic area, as well as facilitating the positioning capabilities of a mesh network. As Pavos triangulate the position of moving assets, they are ideally installed in grid formation to optimize tracking performance and precision in a set location. With a 5-year battery life, easily monitor activity in secure areas without worrying about plugging devices to power or managing wires.

Sensor + track, too

As Velavu is a modular and customisable ecosystem by design, Pavos gather data such as temperature and humidity and is equipped with sensors that monitor asset orientation and fall detection. Pavos also have the same tracking capabilities of our small form tracker, the Arda. Compared to the Arda, Pavos have a longer battery life but are also larger in size, and can be used when longer battery life is preferred over tag size.

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