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Disaster response

Create your custom ecosystem

Readiness across environments

For those in defence, mobility and movement are a constant. This complicates achieving the end-to-end visibility essential for military and defence operations, as subpar tracking can cause constant delays, wasted resources, and affect the readiness levels needed in the industry.

Ensure personnel safety

Staying connected with up-to-date location and sensor data puts safety at the forefront— providing real-time accountability of personnel. Enhanced safety features, specifically on our wearable locator, offers a sophisticated text notification/ emergency alerting system and a "check-in" touch button to swiftly account for personnel, monitor lone workers or allow wearers to send a distress signals.

Secure your worksites

Increased oversight translates to increased site security, and on top of mixed environment and multi-site monitoring that enables near-complete coverage, Velavu's geofence capabilities equips worksites with unauthorized intrusion detection and access control mechanisms to alert entry or exit of secure areas.

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