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On-the-job response

Whether it's a paramedic running to a scene, or a nurse responding to a patient call, being prepared with equipment in hand— in good working order— is crucial in saving lives, ensuring safety, and protecting our communities' most vulnerable effectively.

Saving time means saving lives

Every moment counts responding to emergencies and life threatening situations. And if moments are wasted searching for the last known location of vital tools or equipment, like jump bags or respirators, this could mean the difference between life or death. With Velavu, respond quicker and fully prepared with 24/7 location monitoring.

Improve patient care + outcomes

Velavu also provides maintenance alerts and monitoring for equipment and vehicles, ensuring that maintenance, safety and compliance requirements are not forgotten in the daily hustle. These preventative measures provide the necessary safeguards for such assets to remain in working order, for longer, and perform as needed in the field— ultimately improving outcomes and/or patient care.

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