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Heavy Industry




Create your custom ecosystem

high stakes of heavy industry

Heavy industry involves large-scale equipment, substantial machinery and complex processes. Businesses within these industries typically have higher capital requirements and higher safety risks for personnel—which demands diligent oversight to mitigate high costs of operation, maintain a safe working environment, and create a profitable bottom line.

Create safer working conditions

Using smart technology like Velavu can improve workplace safety, even in hazardous environments. Our tracking devices and sensors raise worker awareness on safety, sending automatic alerts to personnel when entering potentially dangerous areas, reminders to wear protective equipment when entering certain hazardous areas, or proximity alerts to other personnel or equipment when operating dangerous equipment or within hazardous areas.

Prevent loss or theft

Heavy industry often involves constant exposure to excessive noise, multi-site work environments, and a high frequency of movement— leading to a greater experience of theft or loss. But with Velavu, you can assign equipment to specific work trucks, or personnel, and receive alerts when the wrong hands pick up tools, or move past designated work areas — providing theft deterrents and notice when equipment winds up in the wrong place.

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