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Safety wearable

The newest addition to the velavu ecosystem, the Manta enhances the safety and accountability of personnel, facility residents or visitors. With a flexible design, Manta can be worn as a wristband or around the neck as a lanyard.

Technical specifications

Connectivity:  Wirepas Mesh, BLE Beacon, NFC
Sensors: Accelerometer, Capacitive Touch Button
Other Features: OLED Display, Linear Vibration Motor
Mounting:  Silicone Lanyard Mount or Wrist Mount

Power: 6 month battery life, Qi wireless charging
Enclosure: Polycarbonate, IP67 waterproof
Dimensions & Weight: 21 x 45 x 13mm,  16g

Locate + communicate

The manta is the only device in the Velavu product line that introduces a high contrast OLED display and a powerful linear haptic motor. This allows users to be notified of important updates or in emergency situations. With a touch sensor button, wearers can respond to check-in requests to ensure everyone is accounted for swiftly and in real-time.

Stay safe + secure

Positioning, a reliable network, environment monitoring, and sophisticated alerting and access control mechanisms over a battery-powered network. These wearables can also be designed with added sensing elements such as infrared sensors to provide more in-depth health and safety monitoring of personnel.

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