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Transportation + Logistics




Create your custom ecosystem

By road, rail, air or sea.

All the way from the initial loading of cargo and departure, to the final arrival and cargo delivery, asset tracking brings transparency and efficiency to logistics, supply chains, and their movements. Businesses can monitor routes, processes, and distance travelled to maximize load capacity, minimize time wasted, and ultimately improve the bottom line.

Build customer loyalty

Velavu's integrated platform features end-to-end tracking and the ability to continuously oversee cargo from loading docks, while in transit, to final destinations. Add in sensors, like temperature or asset orientation, to ensure cargo arrives in the right condition. Sharing location updates and sensor data with customers will provide a better customer experience— and their returning business.

Find and fix bottlenecks

With expanded visibility on operations from our sensors and tracking devices, combined with a robust dashboard that features both historical and real-time data, Velavu offers users the opportunity to spot operational inefficiencies, underused resources and unnecessary waste. Having a better understanding of asset utilization will ultimately eliminate bottlenecks and facilitate better decision-making.

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