flexible asset management

Designed to track all your assets, whether they're indoors, outdoors, or on-the-go.

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tracking made simple

Asset management oversees the movement, storage, and state of a company's assets and inventory.



Oversee vehicles and fleets while ensuring safety and regulatory compliance.



Monitor livestock and crops while keeping track of environmental conditions and health.



Track smaller mobile assets such as tools, machines and equipment on worksites.


vehicle tracking

GPS tags offer the real-time location of vehicles within your fleet, visible through web or mobile apps.

driving events

GPS tags contain a sensor suite that provides data on driver safety with notifications for driving events such as speeding, hard acceleration and braking.


Monitor when assets either enter or leave a defined area, automatically triggering notifications and alerts based on entry or exit.

vehicle inventory

Transporting goods often includes moving inventory with environmental requirements like consistent temperatures. BLE sensors provide alerts to any set changes in the environment to avoid inventory damage.

lost item alerts

Assets or tools equipped with a tag will alert users through the web or mobile app of an asset leaving its designated area, are returned to the wrong vehicle, or left behind at a worksite.

indoor positioning

The velavu mesh network and embedded trackers provide more precise location monitoring of smaller assets within a worksite or building.

pallet tracking

Using BLE tags, track the location of warehouse pallets as well as movement data - time between locations and idle periods - to analyse process productivity and bottlenecks.


the velavu advantage

The velavu ecosystem is a simple, yet powerful experience to oversee your assets, inventory and processes through customised solutions and exceptionally crafted software and devices.

user friendly

No technicians needed — anyone can install and manage with a mobile phone or desktop PC.

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increased visibility

Create better insights into operations and limit missing assets.

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fully customizable

Built for any size and any kind of business — scaled and adapted to your needs.

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cost effective

High performance design at a low cost for assets of any size or value.





gps tag + gateway

Vesta is both a standalone GPS + LTE asset tracker, and a Wirepas Mesh gateway. Built to last, the ruggedised IP67 enclosure means it can withstand even the harshest environments. Vesta features a multi-band LTE antenna and SIM that supports global cellular operation to ensure out-of-the-box connectivity wherever you go.

Power: USB-C or 3 day battery life with full functionality
Sensors: Accelerometer and Gyroscope
Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 24 mm



bluetooth tag 

Providing precise locations of assets within an indoor or localised area, Arda is an impressively small bluetooth tracker that also acts as an environmental sensor. It is the perfect choice for assests of any size, including equipment, personnel and more.

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Power: 1 year battery life with 50 position updates/day
Sensors: Accelerometer, Temperature and Humidity
Dimensions: 25 x 33 x 9 mm



mesh anchor

Pavo facilitates the local positioning of people or assets and features sensors to monitor environmental conditions including temperature and humidity. Pavo is designed for rapid deployment via the Velavu mobile app.

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Power: 3-4 year battery life
Sensors: Accelerometer, Temperature and Humidity
Dimensions: 36 x 70 x 17 mm


engineered to track without limits

communication pathways

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To track on-the-go assets, simply place the GPS tag within a vehicle or other long distance moving asset to monitor location. The GPS tag also serves as a gateway to track the location of BLE tags — like tools or equipment paired with a work truck — transmitting data back to the cloud-based app for constant up-to-date monitoring. 

inside the grid

A mesh network is formed by three types of cooperating devices that track and locate any item in real time within a defined area. This is accomplished by distributing BLE anchors and using the signal strength of the anchors to determine location of devices like the BLE tags. This information is relayed back to the network’s gateway — the GPS tag — and communicated directly to the user via the mobile or desktop app.

powerful software

velavu’s asset management web and mobile application combines powerful functionality with a modern, intuitive design. Monitor all of your assets in one easy-to-use system.


Receive notifications for unsafe driving events such as speeding, hard braking and rapid acceleration.

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real-time GPS

Track movement, route completion, or plan and adjust routes as needed.


Use data driven insights to adjust and optimize your operation

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vehicle diagnostics

Connect to the vehicle's OBDII port to monitor vehicle data like mileage, fuel level, and trouble codes to detect issues early.


Monitor employees to ensure safety compliance. Quickly locate staff in emergency situations.

tools & equipment

Keep up-to-date on the whereabouts of smaller assets to prevent them from getting lost or stolen

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web and mobile 

Access the velavu ecosystem either on a desktop or through a cellular device using the web or mobile app for remote monitoring anywhere with an internet connection. Compatible with iOS, Android operating systems, as well as most internet browsers.

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evaluation kits

Get started with Velavu in less than an hour

industry use

As a flexible system, velavu offers value across industries to meet the unique needs of every kind of business. While not limited to the following industries, these represent common uses of asset tracking and management systems.


transportation & logistics


heavy Industry


services & specialty trade


public services


natural resources


warehousing & distribution


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